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Where will the road take you?

Co-Motion Cycles builds exceptional bicycles by hand in Eugene Or, that embody the spirit of adventure, performance, and innovation. Co-Motion Cycles pushes the boundaries of design and engineering, handcrafting each bike with precision and care. A Co-Motion bicycle is the best-in-class adventure bicycle. Co-Motion’s dedication to quality, customization, and the pursuit of cycling excellence inspires and empowers riders to explore their world with confidence and joy. 

Co-Motion Cycles - Where Every Ride is an Unforgettable Journey.

The Adventure of a lifetime starts here

Glenn Amey of Journeyman’s Adventure Co. has traveled the world by bicycle, exploring trails marked and obscure. Have a Coffee with Glenn when you decide that you are ready to build a world-class touring bicycle to carry you for your next 10,000 miles. 

Coffee with Glenn

Co-Motion bicycles are thoroughly designed and built to be ridden to excess and keep you on any path you can dream. At Journeyman’s Adventure Co. you can work with Glenn to directly design and develop your dream Co-Motion bicycle. If you are looking for a tandem for you and your partner to travel the world, there is no more established brand than Co-Motion.

I was looking for a custom build touring bicycle. When I decided on a CoMotion Divide, Glenn at Journeyman’s Adventure Co was experienced with touring which is hard to find. Glenn was willing to swap out parts and spend time with me to help build the ultimate touring bicycle, which I have traveled cross country and around the Great Lakes. Again Glenn I can’t thank you enough for all your help.

—John B.

John B. on his Co-Motion

Co-Motion Bicycles

Handcrafted quality

Co-Motion is known for its handcrafted bicycles, emphasizing meticulous attention to detail in the manufacturing process. Each bike is carefully constructed to ensure durability, reliability, and superior ride quality.

Tandem expertise

Co-Motion has established itself as a leader in the tandem bicycle market. Tandems require specialized design and engineering to accommodate the needs of two riders, and Co-Motion's expertise in this area results in tandem bikes known for their stability, efficiency, and overall performance.

Customization options

Co-Motion offers a high degree of customization for their bicycles. This allows riders to tailor their bikes to their specific preferences, whether it's custom sizing, paint options, or the inclusion of specific components. The ability to customize ensures a personalized riding experience.

Touring capability

Co-Motion produces touring bicycles designed for long-distance travel. These bikes are built to handle a variety of terrains and provide comfort during extended rides, making them suitable for adventurous cyclists who enjoy exploration and touring.

Performance-oriented design

Co-Motion designs its bicycles with a focus on performance. Whether it's the efficient power transfer of tandem bikes or the comfort and stability of touring models, Co-Motion cycles are engineered to provide an enjoyable and high-performing riding experience.

Custom sizing

Co-Motion's selection of tandem and single bike models come in a thorough array of sizes that meet the needs of most cyclists. Every bicycle the build is made with geometry and sizing that is a direct result of the fitting data they have collected and analyzed. However, sometimes the only way to get positioned correctly is to have a custom bike designed just for you. Co-Motion has the experience, tools, materials and knowledge to create the right bike for you.

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Journeyman's has a collection of Co-Motions on the floor for you to test ride. Come in and experience the quality as you learn more.

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Coffee with Glenn

Journeyman's Adventure Co. is trusted by Co-Motion Cycles to bring his skills and specific expertise to this process. With the data gathered Glenn will be your ongoing liaison with Co-Motion and a resource to turn to for answers and expert construction when your custom bicycle arrives at Journeyman's shop.

Coffee with Glenn